Initial Attendance I-20 Request

Initial Attendance I-20 Request

International students who have received an offer of admission to UNTHSC must complete this form so that an initial attendance I-20 can be produced. The accuracy of the I-20 depends on the information submitted here, so please review each question carefully.

Please complete the following information to request your initial attendance I-20. If you need a dependent I-20 for your spouse or child, you must also complete the Dependent I-20 request ( Minimum funding requirements can be found online by clicking HERE.  For those entering the School of Public Health, the school must also have received your assurance deposit fee before the I-20 can be processed.

Current Visa Status

Please select your current visa status. If you already have a visa other than F-1 and will be seeking a change of status, a slightly different I-20 is required. If you are already in the U.S. on an F-1 visa, you need to be in status, as UNTHSC does not accept out of status students.
Funding Source

Please check all that apply.
Sponsor Letter (Affidavit of Support)

If funded by family funds or another source, you must attach a letter from your sponsor with the following information: 1. Date 2. Name of sponsor (family member, friend, company, etc). 3. The sponsor must state that they will be sponsoring your studies during your stay at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. 4. Signature at the bottom
Bank Documentation

Please attach bank statements or official bank letters that document your access to the minimum required funds listed on your admission offer letter.
Admission Letter

Please attach a copy of your admission letter here.

Please submit a copy of your passport.